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Biometrics in Aviation

Date: 2017-06-12 Location: Lisbon, Radisson Blue Hotel (Ave. Marechal Craveiro Lopes, 390 Campo Grande 1749-009 Lisbon Portugal)

Organizer: European Association for Biometrics (EAB) in cooperation with IATA

Biometrics, both for automated and computer-assisted processes, is becoming more important in the practice of policing, law enforcement (surveillance, intelligence, investigation and evaluation), immigration and border control due to growing phenomena such as mobility, migration, digital economy and cyber societies. Airports, airlines and governments are increasingly confronted with biometrics driven innovations. The e-passport has given an impulse to the development of so called e-gates (or ABC-gates), where verification based on facial recognition facilitates a semi-automated border crossing experience. Many countries have installed biometric equipment to register the biometrics data of incoming travelers. Airlines are working on paperless boarding.

It is evident that biometric technologies have taken a key role in the facilitation of more convenient and secure passengers processing schemes. However, these developments are fragmented. There is a need for information sharing on best practices and lessons learned. A lack of standardization hinders the market uptake of these innovative solutions. Testing and certification is still an area that needs to be explored and developed.

The seminar Biometrics in Aviation will discuss today’s developments in the perspective of the future of identity in an increasingly networked world.The seminar will further familiarize you with biometric methods and applications by providing guidance and new insights on how biometrics can optimize key aspects of the passengers processing at airports: seamless travel experience, customer interaction, operational efficiency, fraud reduction and prevention. During the seminar we will reflect the many new opportunities arising from improved biometric technologies and methods, intelligent use of networked data and sophisticated public/private partnerships:

  1. Hear about biometric solutions being a key enabler for a seamless and secure passengers process;
  2. Learn how biometrics support mega trends such as personalization and location independent services;
  3. Identify how biometrics can be embedded into front end and back end processes;
  4. Discuss the impact of biometrics for passengers processing in the aviation sector;
  5. To understand the role of biometrics in the perspective of current and future developments in global identity management;
In addition Biometrics in Aviation will be a meeting place for all major stakeholders from the aviation industry, including airports, airlines, government and industry.

(see below the preliminary program; changes can occur)

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Entrance fees: normal: 375,00 € / EAB members: 225,00 € / End-Users (airlines, airports, government): 0,- €


10:00 Max Snijder, Secretary of the Board

Welcome and Opening by the Chairman

European Association for Biometrics
10:15 Pierre Charbonneau

Opening Keynote: the changing landscape of passengers facilitation

IATA, Director Passenger &. Facilitation
10:35 (tbc)

Biometrics as a single token in the passengers travel experience: from Happy Flow to X-Flow

KLM / Schiphol
10:55 Michael Holly

e-Passport ecosystem supporting seamless and secure travel

ICAO, Chairman NTWG


11:45 Jeff Lennon

Application and Management of biometrics in the air travel process

VisionBox, VP for Business Development & Sales
12:05 Ruud ten Hoorn

Electronic ID for Easy and Secure Travel

HSB Identification, Commercial Director
12:25 Hans Canisius

Towards the act-now airport and the value of biometrics; convenient & secure airport operations

BioTrust, Principal Consultant Airport Operations


14:00 Emil Begovic

Simplifying, streamlining and enhancing the passenger’s travel process while reducing costs.

Lufthansa and IATA, Chairman Biometrics Working Group
14:20 tbc


14:40 Campbell McGhee

Facial recognition at airports for high risk flights

Interpol, Lead Facial Recognition


15:30 tbc

Biometrics for Entry/Exit

US Customs and Border Protection, Director of Immigration
15:50 Günter Schumacher

Current practice and vulnerabilities of ABC in Europe

EC Joint Research Center
16:10 Eugene Kramer

Experiences and way forward

London Heathrow Airport
16:30 Max Snijder, Moderator

Panel Discussion: the future of passengers facilitation at airports and the role of biometrics

European Association for Biometrics, Secretary of the Board
17:00 Max Snijder

Wrap up and Closure of the Seminar

European Association for Biometrics, Secretary of the Board

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