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Biometric solutions for a future we can all trust

Date: 2021-04-20 (12:30-13:30) Location: EAB Virtual Lunch Talk

Organizer: European Association for Biometrics (EAB)
Attendance is free of charge but registration is required. Registered participants will receive dial-in credentials in the morning of the event.
Speakers: Daniel Asraf, Jean-Claude Perrin

With the Covid pandemic, solutions that allow a touchless experience have become increasingly necessary. Biometrics can answer this need by providing the accuracy, speed and ease-of-use required to quickly process people accessing services, crossing borders or requesting a new document

At Thales, it is believed biometrics can help us build a future we can all trust!

During their talk, Daniel Asraf and Jean-Claude Perrin will look at different use cases centred on biometrics, and discuss the challenges of ensuring the system is attack-proof, fast and accurate, in order to protect people’s identity and citizen rights with secure sustainable and user-centric solutions. With the biometric market having undergone years of development, they will look back at what has been achieved, and explain how deep learning can help advance biometrics even further.

Curriculum vitæ

Dr. Daniel Asraf holds a Ph.D. in Statistical Signal Processing and Electrical Engineering from Uppsala University.

He serves as Vice President of Public Security and Biometrics Business for Thales Digital Identity & Security, and was previously the Head of R&D for 3M Cogent. Prior to it, he served as Director of Algorithm and Embedded Development for Bioscrypt, L-1 Identity Solutions and Director of Engineering for Safran Morpho. He has also worked for McGill University and the Swedish Defense Research Agency.

Dr. Asraf is the author of multiple peer-reviewed publications on optimal detection theory, and inventor of detection and classification related patents.

Jean-Claude Perrin holds a Master degree in Business Administration (IAE Paris), and graduated from the Ecole Centrale de Lyon. He also holds Executive Education Management degrees from INSEAD and Berkeley.

He serves as Vice President Strategy and Marketing of the Identity & Biometric Solutions Business Line at Thales Digital Identity & Security. In his 20 years of career in the digital identity & security domains, Jean-Claude has always been working on challenging cutting-edge topics in various international marketing, sales and business management positions.

He is also a founder and the Secretary General of the Secure Identity Alliance, which supports sustainable worldwide economic growth and prosperity through the development and adoption of secured digital IDs and electronic services.


12:30 Daniel Asraf
Jean-Claude Perrin

Biometric solutions for a future we can all trust


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