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EAB-RPC 2022 – EAB Research Projects Conference 2022

Date: 2022-09-12 (2022-09-14) - 14:45 (16:00) Location: Fraunhofer IGD, Fraunhoferstraße 5, 64283 Darmstadt, Germany

Organizer: The European Association for Biometrics (EAB) with the contribution of eu-LISA through its Governance and Capabilities Unit, the support of DG HOME of the European Commission, Fraunhofer IGD and Halmstad University.

To ensure the health and safety of all participants of the conference, all participants are required to perform a daily self-test. The first to be conducted at the porter’s office of Fraunhofer IGD. Self-tests will be provided on site. Please send and email to secretariat if you have any questions or concerns.

Fees are non-refundable as from 7 days before the start of the event.

Note: If you are not yet an EAB-member, please consider to register for membership first (starting from 95,00 € per year). You then can register for the EAB-RPC as an EAB-member for only 290,00 € instead of 435,00 €, which means an overall saving of 50,00 €!

The 9th edition of the EAB Research Projects Conference is organised by the European Association on Biometrics (EAB) with the contribution of eu-LISA through its Governance and Capabilities Unit, the support of DG HOME of the European Commission, Fraunhofer IGD and Halmstad University.

The conference is currently the largest event on research funded by the European Union in the area of Biometrics and Identity Management. Over the previous successful editions, EAB-RPC has become the main forum in Europe where attendees can simultaneously: promote research carried out in biometrics, forge new links and networks, and identify the appropriate partners for possible future project applications. Last year’s edition welcomed over 100 participants from academia, industry and public institutions.

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Entrance fees: normal: 435,00 € / EAB members: 290,00 € / Speakers: 145,00 € / Students (BSc, MSc, PhD): 145,00 €

Monday, 12 September 2022

14:45 Dinusha Frings
Javier Galbally
Florian Kirchbuchner

Conference Opening

European Association for Biometrics
Fraunhofer IGD
Keynote I – Chair: Javier Galbally
15:00 Krum Garkov

Towards a New Information Architecture for Border Management and Internal Security in EU

Executive Director of eu-LISA


Communication Break

Session projects I: mGov4EU – Chair: Fernando Alonso
15:45 Rachelle Selung

mGov4EU – Recap

Fraunhofer IAO
15:50 Carsten Schmidt

mGov4EU - Overview of the Pilots

University of Tartu
16:00 Blaz Podgorelec

mGov4EU - Brief Technical Overview: Early Prototypes of the mGov4EU eIDAS App and Digital Wallet App

Graz University of Technology
16:10 Rachelle Sellung
Carsten Schmidt
Blaz Podgorelec

mGov4EU - Co-Creation Pilot Workshop


Communication Break

Session projects II: D4FLY, ISOLA, YooniK – Chair: Javier Galbally
17:00 Armin Reuter

D4FLY – Document and Biometric Identity verification

17:15 Peter Eisert
Marcin Kowalski

D4FLY – PAD technologies in the Project

Fraunhofer HHI
17:30 Christelle Baudry

ISOLA - Innovative & Integrated Security System on Board Covering the Life Cycle of a Passenger Ships Voyage

17:50 Pedro Torres

YooniK - Self-Sovereign Identity and What It Means for Biometrics


Welcome Drink and Get Together


End of Conference Day 1

Tuesday, 13 September 2022

Session projects III: RESPECT – Chair: Javier Galbally
10:15 Marta Gomez-Barrero

RESPECT - PAD Framework for Facial and Voice Data

Hochschule Ansbach
10:35 Massimiliano Todisco

RESPECT - Recognising COVID Disease Through Biometric Technologies: the Case of the Human Phonatory System

10:55 Antitza Dantcheva

RESPECT - Generative Models for Video Generation


Communication Break

Session projects IV: METICOS, NOTIONES – Chair: Marta Gomez-Barrero
11:45 Mohamed Abomhara

METICOS - Biometric Usage in Border Control: Social Challenges and Ethical Considerations

12:05 Sarang Shaikh

METICOS - Social Sensing Toolkit for Predicting Technology Acceptance in Smart Border Control Technologies

12:25 Georgia Gkioka

METICOS - A Data Analytics Framework for Monitoring Technology Acceptance of SBC Technologies

National Technical University of Athens

Lunch Break

Session projects V: TReSPAsS – ETN – Chair: Fernando Alonso
14:00 Dailé Osorio-Roig

TReSPAsS ETN - Exploring Quality Scores for Workload Reduction in Biometric Identification

Hochschule Darmstadt
14:20 Lydia Belkadi

TReSPAsS ETN - In Search of a Sound Conceptual Framework for the Use and Regulation of New Biometric Data

KU Leuven’s Center for IP & IT Law
14:40 Wanying Ge

TReSPAsS ETN - Exploring Joint Optimisation for Spoofing-Aware Speaker Verification

15:00 Giulio Maria Mancini

EU Innovation Policy on Border Management

European Commission
Session demonstrators: DARLENE, ITFLOWS, DMFD – Chair: Fernando Alonso
15:10 Nikolaos Dimitriou
George Margetis

DARLENE - The DARLENE AR Helmet Prototype for Improved Situational Awareness

Centre for Research and Technology-Hellas (CERTH)
15:20 Georgios Stavropoulos

ITFLOWS - EUMigraTool: Predicting and Managing Migration Flows Towards EU

Centre for Research and Technology-Hellas (CERTH)
15:40 Christoph Busch
Robert Nichols
Mathias Ibsen

DMFD - Darmstadt Face Manipulation Detection (DFMD) Test

Hochschule Darmstadt
15:50 Georgia Gkioka
Sarang Shaikh

METICOS - Social Sensing Toolkit for Predicting Technology Acceptance in Smart Border Control Technologies

National Technical University of Athens
Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Demos and Communication Break


End of Conference Day 2


Start Dinner


End of Dinner

Wednesday, 14 September 2022

Keynote III - Chair: Javier Galbally
09:30 John Boyd

Face Recognition in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security – Status, Standards & Influences

Assistant Director of DHS-OBIM


Communication Break

Session projects VI: iMARS, MID – Chair: Javier Galbally
10:15 Christoph Busch

iMARS - Morphing Attack Potential

10:35 Kiran Raja

iMARS - Analyzing ID Experts in Morphing Attack Detection

10:55 Henry Dillen

MID - The MID Transitional Phase


Communication Break

Session projects VII: PriMa ITN – Chair: Fernando Alonso
11:45 Ahmad Hassanpour

PRIMA ITN - E2F-GAN: Eyes-to-Face Inpainting via Edge-Aware Coarse-to-Fine GANs

12:05 Mahdi Ghafourian

PRIMA ITN - OTB-Morph: One-Time Biometrics via Morphing applied to Face Templates

Universidad Autonoma de Madrid
12:25 Bilgesu Sumer

PRIMA ITN - The legal aspects of including biometrics into blockchain for identity management purposes

KU Leuven

Lunch Break

Round Table - Chairs: Fernando Alonso, Marta Gomez-Barrero

EES and ETIAS Entry into Operation: Research Opportunities for Innovation

  • Daniel Bachenheimer (Accenture)
  • John Boyd (DHS-OBIM)
  • Almudena Diez de los Rios Flores (eu-LISA)
15:20 Javier Galbally

Conference Closing


End of Conference

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