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Workshop Digital Face Manipulation & Detection

Date: 2022-07-12 (2022-07-13) - 14:00 (19:00) Location: Virtual Conference; access data will be sent to the participants short before the event.

Organizer: European Association for Biometrics (EAB)

Organizing Committee: Christian Rathgeb, Ruben Tolosana, Ruben Vera-Rodriguez, & Christoph Busch

Fees are non-refundable as from 7 days before the start of the event. Please use the PayPal option at checkout.
Students have free access if they have a Students membership with the EAB. Please include your university email for verification purposes.
All times are in Central European Summer Time (CEST).

Digital face manipulation has become a thriving topic in the last few years, especially after the popularity of the term DeepFakes. Traditionally, the number and realism of digital face manipulations have been limited by the lack of sophisticated editing tools, the domain expertise required, and the complex and time-consuming process involved. Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly easy to manipulate pictures and videos, thanks to: the accessibility to large-scale public data and the evolution of deep learning techniques. As a result, open software and mobile applications opened the door to anyone to create fake images and videos, without any experience in the field.

The EAB organizes this two day virtual event with The Handbook “Digital Face Manipulation and Detection” as guideline. The workshop will feature presentations by the authors of this Handbook. They combine both biometrics and media forensic fields. The event is aimed at everyone who is interested in digital face manipulation from the point of view from both academic institutions and industry.

The aim of the event is to inform about this topic, and to give a well-rounded understanding of the current developments, as well as to discuss how to detect face manipulations, and current and future challenges in digital face manipulation.

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Entrance fees: normal: 200,00 € (excl. VAT) / EAB members: 100,00 € (excl. VAT) / EAB Student member (BSc, MSc, PhD): 0,00 €

Tuesday, July 12 2022

14:00 Christoph Busch


European Association for Biometrics
14:05 Ruben Tolosana

An Introduction to Digital Face Manipulation

14:35 Mathias Ibsen

Digital Face Manipulation in Biometric Systems

15:05 Luisa Verdoliva

Multimedia Forensics Before the Deep Learning Era

15:35 Pavel Korshunov

The Threat of Deepfakes to Computer and Human Visions


Coffee Break

16:35 Annalisa Franco

Morphing Attack Potential

17:05 Kiran Raja

Adversarial Attacks on Face Recognition Systems

17:35 Vitomir Štruc

Photorealistic Face Editing via Latent Code Optimization

Uni Ljubljana
18:05 Yuxin Wang

Talking Faces: Audio-to-Video Face Generation


Wednesday, July 13 2022

11:00 Luisa Verdoliva

Detection of AI-Generated Synthetic Faces

11:30 Julian Fierrez

DeepFakes Detection Based on Heart Rate Estimation: Single- and Multi-frame

12:00 Christoph Busch

Face Morphing Attack Detection Methods

12:30 Luuk Spreeuwers

Practical Evaluation of Face Morphing Attack Detection Methods


Lunch Break

14:00 Christian Rathgeb

Crowd-powered Face Manipulation Detection: Fusing Human Examiner Decisions

14:30 Abhijit Das

3D CNN Architectures and Attention Mechanisms for Deepfake Detection

BITS Pilani
15:00 Huy Nguyen

Capsule-Forensics Networks for Deepfake Detection

15:30 Liming Jiang

DeepFakes Detection: the DeeperForensics Dataset and Challenge


Coffee Break

16:30 Edward.J.Delp

Deepfake Detection Using Multiple Data Modalities

Uni Purdue
17:00 Akshay Agrawal

On the Robustness of Facial Retouching and Alteration Detection Algorithms

17:30 Kathrin Laas-Mikko

Promises, Social, and Ethical Challenges with Biometrics in Remote Identity Onboarding

18:00 Catherine Jasserand

Deep fakes: Emerging Legal, Ethical, And Societal Challenges

18:30 Ruben Vera

Future Trends in Digital Face Manipulation and Detection


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