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Biometrics in Banking and Payments Frankfurt

Date: 2015-09-24 (09:15-17:00) Location: Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, Sonnemannstrasse 9-11, 60314 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Organizer: European Association for Biometrics (EAB) in cooperation with BITKOM
Speakers: Waldemar Grudzien (German Association for Banks), Beril Oktem (Vodafone), Christoph Busch (Fraunhofer IGD), Dmitrijs Abalenkovs (Deutsche Bank), Matthias Terlau (Osborne Clarke)

Biometrics in Banking and Payments is designed to provide executives responsible for lines of business, distribution, and IT in the banking, payment and insurance business with inspiration to improve their processes and business. Participants will be able to familiarize with biometric applications that can support their organizations by learning how biometrics can support in optimizing key aspects of the banking and payment processes: optimizing customer interaction, operational efficiency and fraud reduction and prevention. There will be a strong focus on sharing use cases based on successful implementations and how to adapt them in the respective countries of the participants.

The program of Biometrics in Banking and Payments will cover biometrics for banking and payments at three levels: the strategic, regulatory level (incl. European legislative and regulatory aspects), the major drivers and developments in modern banking and payment practices (e.g. mobile services, user convenience, cloud authentication) and state of the art in innovative implementations, products and solutions (e.g. use cases, life demonstrations, end-user demonstrations). Alongside the seminar there will be a Mini Expo, where companies will be demonstrating their products and solutions.

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09:15 Max Snijder

Welcome and Introduction by the Chairman of the seminar

European Association for Biometrics
09:30 Waldemar Grudzien

Opening keynote: Current trends in the payments and transactions landscape; the role of biometrics for new services and schemes

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Association of German Banks
09:55 Steffen von Blumröder

Biometrics: innovation with a personal touch; where physical meets digital

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10:50 Dmitrijs Abalenkovs

Biometrics in the financial services industry: opportunities and challenges

Deutsche Bank
11:15 Michel Nerrant / Holger Lehmann

Client Case: Multi-Factor Authentication – Safeguarding Transactions and Critical Data

EAB members may download additional files for this topic.
CrossMatch / Temenos
11:40 Thomas Bengs

Client Case: Financial Transactions – Secured by Palm Vein based Biometric Authentication

EAB members may download additional files for this topic.
Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH
12:05 Murat Karabur

Biometrics for mobile financial services at Vodafone

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13:30 Gerald Cäsar

Client Case: digital signature for secure authentication and digital contracting

SIGNificant Signature Solutions
13:55 Tamara van den Ban / Berit Bourgogne

Biometrics at ING: creating a novel client experience

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14:20 Chris van Diemen

Smart authentication with biometrics for mobile transactions (Everett/Encap)

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15:15 Christoph Busch

Performance, standards and testing: current status in biometrics

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Fraunhofer IGD
15:40 Matthias Terlau

Current status of PSD2 and its impact on data security and new smart mobile payment providers

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Osborne Clarke
16:05 Ingo Deutschmann

Client Case: behavioral biometrics to reduce identity fraud and increase trust in mobile transactions

16:30 Max Snijder

Panel discussion: The future landscape of the financial services industry

European Association for Biometrics
16:55 Max Snijder

Wrap up and closure

European Association for Biometrics

End of seminar


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