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Privacy Impact Assessment Working Group (PIA)

A temporary working group to assess the needs and requirements for a PIA on biometric applications


The mission of the PIA-WG is to make an inventory on the existing work done at various levels and by various organizations regarding the development of PIA frameworks which are suitable to assess biometric applications and systems on their impact on privacy. In order to assess the relevance of existing work and best practices the WG will also get into the question, whether (and if yes: in what respect) biometric applications and systems do require special assessment methods and validation.

Terms of reference

  1. Making an inventory on references and best practices
    • assessing the impact of the proposals for a revised EU Data Protection Regulation on the handling/management/protection of biometric data
    • searching for existing work done in the field of PIAs, both at international and national level, including PIA frameworks from other domains (e.g. PIA framework on RFID)
  2. Discussing the relevance of existing work and references to a PIA for biometric applications and systems

Membership and governance

  • All EAB members may apply for membership
  • WG members are expected to actively contribute to the WG's work
  • Observers can be invited, upon approval of all members of the WG and the Management Board of the EAB.
  • Observers may be excluded from the exchange of information generated by the WG
  • The PIA-WG intends to finalize its mission within 12 months after the formal approval of its charter by the Management Board.

Chairs of the PIA:

  • Chair: Els Kindt, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Netherlands

Further information

For further information you can contact:
Email: pia-chair@eab.org