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FP5 and FP6 Project Catalog

Please find here a list of projects funded by the European Commission within the 5th or 6th Framwork Programme for Research that might be interesting in the area of Biometrics. By clicking on a title you will receive more information about the project. Source of this collection is the CORDIS server of the European Commission.

FP5 Projects

  • CHALLENGE - The changing landscape of european liberty and security
  • ELISE - Electronic library image service for Europe
  • EUROSOCAP - The development of European standards on confidentiality and privacy in healthcare among vulnerable patient populations
  • PISA - Privacy Incorperated Software Agent: Building a privacy guardian for the electronic age
  • PRIVIREAL - Implementation of the data protection directive in relation to medical research and the role of ethics committees
  • RAPID - Roadmap for Advanced Research in Privacy and Identity Management
  • SABRINA - Secure Authentication by a Biometric Rationale and Integration into Network Applications
  • T2R - A Trusted Platform for Wireless Data Services

FP6 Projects

  • BIOSECURE - Biometrics for Secure Authentication
  • BITE - Biometrics Identification Technology Ethics
  • CI2RCO - Identification of research groups on IT security in critical infrastructures
  • DIGITAL PASSPORT - Next generation European digital passport with biometric data
  • EJUSTICE - Towards a global security and visibility framework for Justice in Europe
  • FIDIS - Future of Identity in the Information Society
  • GUIDE - Government User IDentity for Europe - creating an European standard for interoperable and secure identity management architecture for eGovernment
  • HUMABIO - Human monitoring and authentication using biodynamic indicators and behavioural analysis
  • PRIME - Privacy and Identity Management for Europe
  • SECURINT - European Union Internal Security Governance
  • SECURIST - Security IST Projects cluster support
  • SERENITY - System engineering for security and dependability
  • SWAMI - Safeguards in a World of AMbient Intelligence
  • TTSRL - Transnational Terrorism, Security and the Rule of Law

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