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Biometrics like any applied pattern recognition and machine learning research contains experimental results on real-world data. Results are typically summarized as a set of tables and figures, allowing the comparison of various methods. Unfortunately, result reproducibility is often an overlooked feature of original research publications, competitions, or benchmark evaluations. The main reason for such a gap is the complexity on the development of software associated with these reports. Software frameworks are difficult to install, maintain, and distribute, while scientific experiments often consist of many steps and parameters that are difficult to report. The increasingly rising complexity of research challenges make it even more difficult to reproduce experiments and results. As a consequence it is foremost importance to promote any actions towards reproducible research such as sharing Open Source software.

S. Marcel, A. Anjos and R. Lessmann


Continuously Reproducing Toolchains in Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning Experiments; André Anjos, Manuel Günther, Tiago de Freitas Pereira, Pavel Korshunov, Amir Mohammadi and Sébastien Marcel; International Conference on Machine Learning Workshop, 2017

Title URL Modality Short Summary License Usage
US Export
Botan software repository Independent Crypto and TLS for Modern C++ BSD Free/Free ok C/C++
CryptoPP software repository Independent Crypto++ Library is a free C++ class library of cryptographic schemes. Boost Free/Free ok C/C++
Idiap Biometric Software software repository Independent IDIAP Switzerland, landing page for biometric software GPL Free/1* ok Various
Idiap Biometric Teaching Resources software repository Independent IDIAP Switzerland, software used for teaching and education GPL Free/1* ok Various
Idiap BOB software repository Independent Bob is a free signal-processing and machine learning toolbox GPL Free/1* ok Python
NBIS software repository Independent NIST Biometric Image Software (NBIS) distribution Other Free/Free restricted C/C++
OpenSSL software repository Independent OpenSSL is a robust, commercial-grade, and full-featured toolkit for the Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocols Apache Free/Free ok C/C++
Facenet software repository Face Face recognition using Tensorflow MIT Free/Free ok Python
InsightFace software repository Face Deep Learning Toolkit for Face Analysis MIT Free/Free ok Python
Openface software repository Face Free and open source face recognition with deep neural networks. Apache Free/Free ok Python
Fast Fingerprint Identification software repository Finger University of Granada Apache Free/Free ok C/C++
FingerNet software repository Finger FingerNet is a universal deep ConvNet for extracting fingerprint representations MIT Free/Free ok Python
MinutiaeNet software repository Finger Code and models for paper "Robust Minutiae Extractor: Integrating Deep Networks and Fingerprint Domain Knowledge" at International Conference on Biometrics (ICB) 2018 MIT Free/Free ok Python
MSU-LatentAFIS software repository Finger A system for identifying latent fingerprints MIT Free/Free ok C/C++
NFIQ2 software repository Finger Biometric fingerprint quality assessment tool Other Free/Free ok C/C++
SourceAFIS software repository Finger SourceAFIS is an algorithm recognizing human fingerprints Other Free/Free ok Java
Thimble software repository Finger Fingerprint-Based Biometric Cryptosystems LGPL Free/Free ok C/C++
USIT -- University of Salzburg Iris-Toolkit software repository Iris Software package for iris recognition Other 2*/2* restricted Other
Maximum Curvature software repository Vein This method will try to extract the centre lines of the veins Other Free/Free ok MATLAB
PLUS OpenVein Finger- and Hand-Vein Toolkit software repository Vein The PLUS OpenVein Toolkit is a feature extraction and comparison/evaluation framework for finger- and handvein recognition BSD Free/Free ok MATLAB
Phonetics by Computer software repository Voice Praat: Doing Phonetics By Computer GPL Free/Free ok C/C++

Explanation (*)

Usage: Academic/Commercial, 1: On Request, 2: unkown

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