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Evaluation and Testing (ETC)

Chairpersons of the ETC:

  • Dr. Sébastien Marcel, Idiap Research Institute, Switzerland (Methodologies)
  • Dijana Petrovska-Delacretaz, Institut National des Télécommunications, France (Databases)

Further information

For further information you can contact:
Email: etc-chair@eab.org

Publically Available Biometric Datasets

This database provides an overview on the publically available biometric datasets. Here, twelve different modalities are considered that include; 2D palmprint, signature (on/offline), 2D/3D face, 2D/3D ear, fingerprint, speaker recognition, vascular vein pattern, iris, keystroke dynamics, mouse dynamics, gait and face from video. We present more precise information on each of these datasets in the form of; No. of subjects, No. of session, samples/session, Samples/subject, special characteristics (describing the variability of the data acquisition) and total number of samples.

Accessible for EAB members