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Training and Education (TEC)

Responsible to the Management Board for the planning and implementation of the EAB's knowledge transfer activities


The role of the Training and Education (T&E) Committee of the EAB is to support and promote skills, training and education in the field of biometrics and related identity technologies and services in Europe. It aims to do this by providing a forum from amongst the members of the EAB with an interest in this mission and by establishing and engaging in activities that support it.

Terms of reference

Providing strategic advice and support
  • Overseeing the creation of capability to deliver the knowledge transfer strategy
  • Recommending changes to the EAB's knowledge transfer strategic direction
  • Supporting the development and enhancement of knowledge transfer activities
Supporting the effective and efficient delivery of training and education activities
  • Providing input during the creation of the overall EAB plan of activities, identifying requirements for new initiatives, and the adjustment or termination of activities
  • Keeping under review the portfolio of knowledge transfer activities to ensure that they are continuing to meet user needs
Managing relationships with stakeholders in the field of training and education
  • Identifying and managing all key stakeholders
  • Identifying key issues and creating an action plan to engage members and other stakeholders
  • Liaising with other committees

Membership and governance

  • All EAB members may apply for membership.
  • Chair and members will be appointed by the EAB Management Board for an initial period of two years and can be reappointed for another period of two years.
  • Non-committee members may be invited to participate in a meeting on an ad hoc basis in case their specific expertise is needed for that specific meeting.


Please see our List of courses that the EAB supports actively.

If you want your lecture course or training opportunity supported by EAB please send us all relevant information by submitting your course through our form. The submitted information will be evaluated by the TEC and published on our list after aproval.

Chairperson of the TEC:

  • Dr Richard Guest, University of Kent

Committee members:

  • Prof Christoph Busch, NTNU, Norway
  • Dr Adam Czajka, University of Notre Dame, USA
  • Prof Massimo Tistarelli, University of Sassari, Italy
  • Dr Els Kindt, KU Leuven, Belgium
  • Prof Josef Kittler, University of Surrey, UK
  • Abedin Mehmeti, Government of Kosovo

Further information

For further information you can contact:
Email: tec-chair@eab.org

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