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EAB Newsletter


The mission of the EAB Newsletter is to meet with what is stated in the statutes and by-laws of the EAB concerning communication and community building between stakeholders from the European continent and abroad, including the European institutions, (such as the European Commission, the Council of Europe, the European Data Protection Supervisor and the European Parliament), the European national parliaments, data protection offices, government departments, academia and industry.

Terms of reference

The EAB Newsletter tries to achieve its goals by:

  • gathering of information on relevant developments from the European countries (industry, academia, governments, EU institutions etc.)
  • disseminating information on relevant European and international developments, activities and projects to the European Countries and abroad
  • providing a platform for community building and information exchange for EAB members and non-EAB members

Non-Member Info letter

Members of EAB will receive our newsletter by email on a regular base. However, if you would like to be updated on events organised by EAB or any development of the association we would like to encourage you to subscribe to the EAB info letter by providing us with your valid email address. Just insert it into the field below and hit "subscribe".

Should you want to cancel your subscription please insert the email address you used for subscription and hit "unsubscribe".

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HTML email
PDF document archived on the EAB-Website
Accessible for EAB members
  • Two in-depth articles – at least one from an EAB member
  • One "beyond our own nose article" focusing on e.g. UID in India, US-VISIT in USA etc.
  • Various news snippets with a link to Europe/European Union
  • Conference & exhibition section with brief description
"In focus" section
Providing background information on selected EAB members – research institutions, university departments, companies etc.
News from EAB
Quick update on new members, projects, activities etc.


The latest newsletters will be available for download exclusively for EAB members.

As there are plenty of daily and weekly newsletters in our industry the EAB Newsletter will not try to compete against those. The EAB Newsletter will carefully select and re-publish relevant news snippets. In addition, the news letter will contain relevant news from European countries, to be gathered through national contacts points and EAB members.

Editorial Committee

  • Bogumiła Soroka
  • Christoph Busch
  • Dinusha Frings
  • Javier Galbally