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EAB’s governance supports transparency and neutrality

The EAB governance structure has a Board of Advisors, Supervisory Board and an Executive committee. All members have shown their passion for supporting the EAB’s mission and uphold our values of inclusivity, trust and impartiality.

To ensure that all members are fairly represented, supported and heard
To be a reliable resource of expertise and advice and an advocate of high standards and best practice
To act in the interest of our members, offering unbiased, vendor neutral and transparent support

Board of Advisors

The EAB Board of Advisors consists of internationally renowned individuals that represent organisations that have an active interest in Europe. The Advisory board provides guidance and vision to ensure that the association is always relevant and impactful.

Supervisory Board

The EAB Supervisory board is responsible for the supervision of the policies of the executive committee. They approve the strategy, as well providing advice on all matters that are considered relevant.

Executive Committee

The EAB Executive committee is responsible for the strategy and management of the association.